Wednesday, July 23, 2014

theorems and corollaries

"Call the man"

We have this saying at our house, plagarized from a certain episode of the Andy Griffith Show, which we use when someone ought to ask for the right help because what they are doing on their own isn't working. "Call the MAY-un," we say in our best Andy accent.


This morning I woke up with a sore knee. It just hurt for no reason. I didn't hurt it running yesterday and I didn't bash it against anything. Steve asked if I had taken anything for it (no) and said,
That sounded dumb to me. "Why? You can't stretch a knee. "
"If something hurts, stretch all your muscles."
I started to argue with him and he said, "Stretch."
So I did. Because if "Call the MAY-un" works, then "Stretch" should too.
And he was right. As I stretched my left calf, something moved in my knee and the pain was gone.

I wrote this on Oct 17, 2011. Before. Before so much.

Theorems and corollaries stand time's tests, and times tests.

So much testing. And stretching. And calling of the man.

Here I am.

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