Friday, December 9, 2011


It's weird to return here after such a long silence - a silence that is surely longer than the dates indicate. In some places in me, it's the silence of my whole lifetime.

Silence, I'm thinking this more and more as I get older,

silence carries a lot of weight.

And when it's broken, when it should be broken, it's weighty then too.

But the breaking of particular silences will not happen here, at least as far as I can see. Not that anyone has asked or expected it, at least to my knowledge. So if you're here hoping for a morsel or a tidbit to chew or hold or hold forth or offer onward that ain't happening, my friend.

As much as I love the written word - the shapes of letters and the combinations of them that make each word possible and then the assemblage of words that put together ideas or emotions into paragraphs and poems - as much as I love the rules of grammar and the breaking of those very rules,

as much as I love the written word,

some words are meant to be spoken, and maybe only once. They are offered to the hearing and they are either taken in by that one or the many

or they are not.

And with that, they are gone.

So I guard the many words of my particular silences and choose carefully my hearers.

The hearers of these particulars are not here.

But there is plenty here to be heard, if one cares to stick around and listen.

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Anonymous said...

I will always listen.... even in your silences I am listening :)