Friday, June 24, 2011


A month or so of lasts. Hoopla. Some firsts. Milestone upon milestone.



Then quiet.



No, we enjoyed.


We faked competence. We asked. We learned.

We smiled. She smiled.

Now we have a graduate. Now we have an adult child.

Yesterday she left for two weeks in Kenya. In sevenish weeks she will go off to college.


I feel a bit like a deflated balloon. One that spent the last month or so flying around the room as its insides made a staccato escape. One that had a slow leak and was unaware of the gradual loss of tension, shape, volume. I'm not sure which balloon I am. Maybe both. The result is the same.

Limp. Useless. Spent.

I am believing this is normal.

I've been assured it is.

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Tracy P. said...

Adrenaline depletion is a bear. Praying that at least you have some time and space for your deflated state to be undisturbed. Hugs to you!