Monday, May 30, 2011

Previously Unwritten (with some new) Gratefuls

Many previously unwritten, but not unnoted:

405. Mo's college decision made.
406. Spring sprung... sprang. Whatever. Spring exploded.
407. El's orchestra trip to France and Monaco.
408. Lasts...some snuck by and some were celebrated and a few more are to come.
409. Mo's quiet way of serving without expecting anything in return.
410. El's taking charge of the family boo boo's and her fascination with healing, anatomy, biology, life.
411. Mo is 18 years old! 18 - A legal adult who can take herself to the doctor and sign her own documents and other stuff that I delight in discovering and then telling her to do it herself.
412. Prom hoopla.
413. New appreciation for some mature, established relationships.
414. Encouragement.

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