Monday, May 9, 2011

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever

Several years ago my Mother’s Day gift made me jump up and down. I even squealed and clapped my hands.

I felt special. Important. Appreciated. Thrilled. Yes, I was thrilled!

The gift wasn’t jewelry, perfume, or flowers. It wasn’t a day at the spa. It wasn’t breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch on the beach or dinner at a nice restaurant.

That year, I asked for a specific gift. Steve thought I was joking at first. He raised his eyebrows. I said it again. Again with the eyebrows. I assured him that this was all I wanted. Truly...


The rest of the story is here.

Today I blogged at Northampton Patch. Actually, I wrote this last week and then I hemmed and I hawed, I stalled, I almost backed out and then I came to the conclusion that it really isn't a big deal if my neighbors and my kids' classmates and their parents see my run on sentences and lazy grammar and excessive use of commas and the word 'and'.

Want your voice to be heard? Want to see if there's a blogger in your neighborhood? Now that I pressed 'submit', I do.

I started following Patch months ago when I found a link to an article (with video!) about our girls' winter choral and orchestra concert. It's a great source for local news and events.

See if there's a Patch in your community.

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