Monday, May 16, 2011

Allergy World

Welcome to Allergy World, where all your favorite allergens meet you at the gate...

Allergy World has something for everyone: from the fast-paced Staccato Sneezo to the leisurely Eye Burner, our rides are designed to capture your attention in any season. Spend your morning on the Cough'nWheeze, your afternoon with ItchyThroat or The Incessant Dripping, and your evening on the old standby Iknowitbugsyoubut I'msufferinghere.

Enhance your experience by taking a side trip to our very own EczemaNation and don't forget to grab some Miserabilia to share with friends and family!

Once you've discovered Allergy World, you'll return year after year. Guaranteed.

1 comment:

Tracy P. said...

Iknowitbugsyoubutimsufferinghere is my all time favorite! Glad your girls would snuggle with you anyway. :-) Feel better soon!