Monday, March 28, 2011


She is going.

Yes, we knew this before she was born. She was there in me all safe and warm and then one day she was outta there and in the world. And she, our little RiahBear, was less safe and less warm but still pretty warm and safe.

With us.

And we knew for all these years that she would be here with us for a while and then she would leave. Someday she would leave and it was our job and our pleasure to teach her what we can teach her and it is our dream that she will go out there and do whatever she's here to do while being whoever and however and wherever she is intended to be.

So she will go.

She knows there is more to learn and it's away from here and it may get cold and sometimes it might be unsafe there, and if not this there then the next there, and still she knows she must go.

Because warm and safe were just the beginning, not the goal.

And so Moriah is going.


mississippi girl said...

Lovely and bittersweet .... they do return and with laundry

Tracy P. said...

As my mom used to say, "I feel for ya, hon."

michele said...

Hi Stefanie,
Saw your blog link on facebook. How exciting for Moriah (please pass along my congratulations) and yes, bittersweet for those 'left behind'. It is truly an amazing time, though, to see them grow beyond the at home years. Hope all is well with you.
Michele Bostwick

Star Forbis said...

Beautiful. I know how you feel my friend.