Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Gratefuls (in numeric but not sequential or significant order)

302. Spider silhouette on darkening sky.

303. Discovering Chicago together.

304. Fabulous week at camp.

305. Being with family.

306. Fire pit and tiki torches and new chairs.

307. Nice surprises that squeeze my heart some.

308. Test results that are positive. Which means negative. Which means good news.

309. Laughing with each other.

310. The long summer sunlight in the evenings at camp.

311. The sliver of daylight shining on the improbable tree between high rises.

312. The brewing storm over a mid west town.

313. Giordano's Pizza. Newtown Pizza. Homemade pizza.

314. Returning from work to find the girls have finished 'the list'.

315. Friends who feel free to come over on short notice because they believed the open invitation.