Tuesday, September 28, 2010

but - he is getting better

El made this. I must give credit where credit is due. She's created a masterpiece depicting the last two months of life with our dog. And yes, we can laugh because he is getting better.

Caspian's (ok, also OUR) woes began right before July 4th. He's had a skin infection twice, and this second infection spread to his head.

He got a nasty case of conjunctivitis that started with red eyes and progressed to the red part swelling so much we often couldn't find the iris, leaving him temporarily blind. See above. But - he can see again now.

He's drooled constantly for weeks. The drool had the viscosity and adhesive properties of Elmer's Glue for a while. See above. But - now it's just thick enough to hang down in slimy strings. He likes to rub them off on the couch right before we arrive with a towel. (As an added disgusting bonus, he leaves froth in the bowl after he gets a drink. Froth. Like beer bubbles).

Blindness has prevented Caspian from engaging in one of his favorite outdoor pastimes: eating poop. See above reference to his breath. But - dog poop breath is only slightly worse than sick dog breath.

While he hasn't been eating poop, he has had mild interest in his food dish when we've helped him find it. He often got a bit of kibble stuck in the corner of his mouth, or more accurately, on the semi-dried drool/hair clump at the corner of his mouth. See above. But - I removed last clump yesterday.

I have nothing to say about the yellow teeth. They are just extra information. See above. But - they do add interest to the composition of the piece.

There's more. But - it's not in the picture.

PS. I need new carpet. And a new couch.

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