Thursday, April 8, 2010

trees - day two (gratefuls abloom)


flowering trees abound


to weave, and lose my fingers in weeping cherry's tresses!

stately bradford pear surveys


such a purply not-red redbud

at distance

each skyturned dogwood blossom poses afloat

and the apple orchard basks pinkpinkpink

orderly disorder under sun.


Woman in a Window said...

Hmmm, it must be warm where you are. Instinctually I turn my face up to the sun.

We have buds here, even our lilacs. Early. And then yesterday we were hit with snow and ice again. My mother had been saying for weeks that we would be. She said, we are always hit in April with snow and ice and it is hard. How is it that the lilacs forgot?

I am loving life, loving trees. Full and appreciative. Hope I stay this way.

Let's keep our faces to the sun, you and I.


(What's up with the REDbud trees, eh?)

imbeingheldhostage said...