Monday, February 15, 2010


i'm here all alone in the house
everyone else has somewhere to be
but it's here, all alone, for me

so often i ached for alone
what i would do with such richness
but today it's here and i confess

alone is dismal company


flutter said...

holding your hand in spirit if it helps

Anonymous said...

Today is my lucky day :)
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Givinya De Elba said...

Wow. Some spammers can be so heartless can't they? (Referring to ridiculous spam comment at #2 above, which deserves to be deleted!!)

Thankyou for your lovely words on my post today.

And thankyou for your "alone" poem. I know that these feelings will be mine too one day, and I need to remember to soak it all up while it's here. Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

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imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow Stefanie, how did you get two trolls with one beautiful post? You've made me think I should make a a list of all of the things I can accomplish with a little alone time so that when it comes I won't sit there wondering what to do with myself (which is EXACTLY what I do whenever I find those moments).

I know I am really behind on this post, but I hope today you find yourself surrounded by loved ones :-)

stefanie said...

K and J - 'form my point of view', 'today is my lucky day'. Fodder for my other silly blog. Thanks for your kind words!