Saturday, December 19, 2009

"...she was counted too"

There are moments with my kids that sneak up unexpected-like on an ordinary day and parade by with a slight wave or a faint smile of acknowledgment. Then, if I am fortunate, they wake me up early so that I will savor them. This one woke me today.

El got a letter yesterday from Margaret, her eight year old sponsored child in Kenya. Margaret's letters are dictated so this one is filled with quotations. "She says" this and "she asks" that and in the end, "Bye, bye and God bless you," she concludes.

This part - "She informs you that in Kenya last month there was a census where people were counted and she was counted too. "Have you ever heard of a census?" she asks." - got the biggest 'awww' from El and prompted her to write back immediately. El told Margaret that she first learned of censuses when he learned the story about Jesus' birth. She told her she was glad that Margaret was counted in the census.

So sweet. She was really saying that Margaret matters to her.

She counts.

Grateful #257


Deb said...

so simple, but so vital to the soul, isn't it?

stef, your quiet and humble dedication to making sure others know they matter is such an inspiration to me. you define 'leading by example'.

i have to get my act together THIS YEAR and get out of my head and put my thoughts into action.

are you sitting among a foot of snow, as i am? my boys have already ventured out this morning and their first round of wet clothes are bouncing around in the dryer.

slouchy said...

aww. what a heart-warming story.

Tracy P. said... where do you suppose she got that tender heart??? ;-) So sweet!!

flutter said...

what a sweet, lovely heart.

Anonymous said...

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angie said...

Simple. Yet so remarkable. I loved reading this!

Did I tell you I moved?