Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Indignities of the Day

"And now...Indignities of the Day! Brought to you by your sponsor, Perry Menno Pause. What do you have for us today, Perry?"

"Well, Stefanie, first someone - we would never say who - won't be able to see that pesky chin whisker due to their failing eyesight! They'll have to tweezer that bugger by feel!"

"OK, I'm sure they can handle that, that's nothing new."

"There's more! Once they yank it out and hold it at arms length so they can see it, they'll find that it's THAT color."

"THAT color, oh no!"

"Yes, Stefanie, and to further make their day undignified, they won't be able to remember if THAT color is spelled with an 'e' or an 'a'!"

"Thank you, Perry! Thank you!"


Tracy P. said...

Magnifying mirror. WITH dollar store readers. So I've heard. *clears throat*

Either way. It's still THAT color. But less obvious, I would contend. It's when the eyebrows go that way that it's really a conundrum.

Deets said...

A is more common in the US but E is perfectly acceptable. Either way, I didn't see anything, so I help that a certain person doesn't ask me to help tweezer anything.

Woman in a Window said...

Last year, in a thrift store parking lot, my mother hesitated and then reached up and yanked. Holy crap, that hurts! I have one too. And what's with it growing in like a spike. I thought old people were to have satin-like hair.