Tuesday, December 1, 2009

256th Grateful, and more on our trip

is at Steve's blog.

We're home.

Last minute packing, Naples, Rome, Newark, and then driving home took about 20 hours. We all went to sleep shortly after 8 pm yesterday and we were all awake by 5 am. How often are our two teenagers awake by 5 without having set their alarms? Only once. Today. So we had a Jetlag Party. I made my first (lame) attempt at cappucino and we had Nutella on toast. We laughed as we remembered the funny things we said and heard and saw over the last 10 days.

I'm thankful we got to go to Italy together, that the seminars went well, and that our families enjoyed each other so much.

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jacki.faulkner said...

It was a great 10 days! I can hardly believe it's now just a memory, albeit a very pleasant one. Thanks for sharing a taste of life in Naples, and making it sweeter along the way. Jacki