Monday, November 2, 2009

The Shortest Drama Ever: A Brief Conversation

Steve to Teenage Daughter: Have fun!

Teenage Daughter: Don't tell me what to do.


lostforwords said...

it's both amazing and threatening that teenagers can be too aggressive and too eager to try out things.

steph said...

I saw an ad for one on local TV, saying they had a location in Murfeesboro, which after looking up I discovered is a suburb south of Nashville, so not really (Murfeesboro supposedly also has a Rita's). So, alas, there isn't one terribly near me, but I do them and used to frequent the one by Oxford Valley on lunchbreaks.

Perhaps four hedgeapples all landed simultaneously on the roof... :-O!

I miss you guys too.

Tracy P. said...

So did she have fun? Was the fun thus ruined because she was obeying orders? She is too cute! :-)