Saturday, October 17, 2009

H2O Gratefuls!

242. We have running water in the kitchen!

243. No more washing dishes in the bathroom sink! No more drinking water from the bathroom faucet!

244. Dishwashers are magical! My new one works! And it sounds like a little waterfall!

245. Perfect frozen quarter-moons fall into the freezer at regular intervals! And they know when to stop falling!

246. Filtered water tastes fantastic!

247. A little filtered water with my glass of quarter-moons tastes even better!

248. The garbage disposal no longer threatens to jump out of the sink and devour me whenever I use it!

1 comment:

Tracy P. said...

*hears the Hallelujah Chorus*

Handel is famous for his water music, right? That would make an awesome video!