Saturday, October 24, 2009

For the Birds Gratefuls

249. Sunlit yellow leaves.

250. Birds chatting it up when there is finally a break in the rain.

251. Momentary lulls in bird chatter.

252. The cheeseburger bird. There's a bird (actually many of them) that has a call something like 'chee bugga chee bugga chee bugga chee'. We've never caught a glimpse of it. We call it the cheeseburger bird.


angie said...

I've been thinking about birds a ton lately as a cat keeps bringing dead birds into my yard and yesterday on my walk I saw 3 dead ones in the street. Weird. So, I'm thankful for live ones too. :)

Tracy P. said...

Cheeseburger bird. :-) We were excited today to discover that a flock of waxwings that came through in the spring (we had to look them up because we had never seen them before) has stopped back through on their way south.

And I think I was looking out my window at the same leaves, during the ten minutes that the sun shone this week.