Thursday, September 3, 2009

End of Summer Gratefuls

215. Cool days. Cool nights.

216. The full moon. New every time. Wondrous.

217. The tomato plant that could. And did. And still does.

218. A good start to school, all told.

219. A kick in the pants (mine). Tears. Effort. Success.

220. Long afternoon light.

221. Feeling better after a short-lived cold.

222. The feel of Caspian's hair after a grooming.

223. Unexpected e-mail.

224. A book.

225. Lunch with a daughter.

226. Water ice with a daughter.

227. Dinner with a husband. Well, that's tomorrow. Grateful in advance.

1 comment:

angie said...

What a wonderful list of gratefuls! I need to make a list of my own.