Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Gratefuls

I've neglected the blog.
I don't know exactly why.
I just have.
It's summer.

211. Our daughters were camp counselors last week.
I got to be there to see glimpses of them in action and hear some great things about them:





212. Mo got her driver's permit on the first try, and Steve is teaching her to drive.

213. I have eaten one grape tomato from the plant I bought in May. It was delicious. More tomatos may follow.

214. It's summer.


Deb said...

oh glorious summer.

the girls sound exactly like i imagine them to be. you must be so proud! of course you are.

you ate one tomato? so the plant has only produced one or do you have deer? our neighbor grows tomatoes and he has had to build this crazy contraption to keep the deer away. seems to be working.

we need to catch up!! you would have been intrigued by blogher. you would have liked the people, for sure.

Tracy P. said...

I'm grateful that summer beckons us away from the blog. Though I long to get back and report on the fun, there is more fun to be had. Love that!

flutter said...

all totally legitimate reasons

Woman in a Window said...

Maybe you've neglected your blog because of all your gratefuls. That is not a bad thing.