Monday, August 31, 2009


packed her bag the week before
posed happily for a picture
said "kiss kiss hug hug love love!"
bravely boarded the bus
met Co the first day
and they are still friends

packed her bag last week
packed her lunch last night
did not throw up
slept all night mostly, yeah
did not want her picture taken
talked her dad into a ride
will eat lunch with Co
and other friends
will make new friends
and probably suffer a friend realignment
or two

did not know I stole her picture anyway
has a bright future
is beautiful
is smart
is adored
still says, "kiss kiss hug hug love love!"
but each time still feels like the first


Tracy P. said...

I LOVE that people with teenagers can still say that. There is ALWAYS something new. Blessings to El!!

Star Forbis said...

Great post! She'll do great in High School! She has you to come home to!

Woman in a Window said...

Beautiful, start to finish, her, you, new beginnings. And I love that stolen shot!