Monday, July 20, 2009

Story Problem

I always hated story problems in math. They hurt my brain. There were always too many details to sort through to find out what the important information really was. Here's my own story problem of the day.

Question: If a basement pipe drips one drop every 20 seconds, and the drop lands on a half full box of dryer sheets, how long does it take to saturate the box and the dryer sheets and start dripping through the shelf to the dryer - the one someone just gave you because yours died - below?
Answer: Put a bucket under the drip and go upstairs, leaving it for your husband who is currently at a baseball game to solve. And try to forget that you just hit a deer on your way home from shopping. A baby deer with spots. Go snuggle your slightly traumatized teenagers.


Rachel said...

Don't tell the Caracappa kids!

Tracy P. said...

Oh, yikes! Poor Bambi! Poor you! Hope your bad luck runs out soon!