Saturday, June 27, 2009

Traveling Gratefuls

189. Mo's arm entwined with El's while the plane landed and Mo saying with glee, "We're in Colorado now..."

190. El and Mo running to greet Grammy in the airport. Then running to greet Papa Jack in the parking garage.

191. Lying on the front deck flat on my back at 8am watching a hawk glide across the sky without flapping it's wings.

192. The big blue sky of the west.

193. The tamale vendor who gave our daughters a free tamale because they had never eaten one.

194. Running from room to room to get the best view of the storm.

195. Standing outside (in a safe place - believe me?) to try to get a picture of lightning.

196. Listening to thunder and watching a thunderhead build while eating on the deck.

197. Seeing the regrowth and renewal that occurs after the devastation of a forest fire.

198. Eating lunch while viewing Pike's Peak.

198. Pink in a sunset.

199. Orange in a sunrise.

200. Extended family.


Tracy P. said...

Yea for all of you!!

Woman in a Window said...

All good things. Wish I had me some thunder.