Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's wrong with my skin?

I'm not a quick thinker.

I'm a processor, the tortoise who manages to finish behind the hare, a slow-poke. I'm behind the times in many ways, often socially oblivious, a dreamer.

Imagine my surprise (a few weeks ago, you know, the slow processing translates to slow writing) when I woke up to the reality that I am living in middle-aged skin. Over time, my skin has changed as slowly as I process information. The reality smacked me in the eyes and heart right there in the JC Penney dressing room.

The one by the Old Lady dresses.

Where I was shopping for my first dress in many, many years.

The last time I got myself a new dress was for Brian and Sharon's wedding. They have four children now. Obviously I am not a big fan of dresses.

I shopped three times for something to wear to Steph and Paul's wedding. The first two times, I did not find anything worth removing my comfy clothes to try.

I did not like anything.

Until I went to the Old Lady section.

Of JC Penney.

That should have been a warning of sorts, but you know, I am a slow processor.

So I tried on two dresses. I liked them both, but I didn't much like what I saw in the mirror. There were bulges and saggings and genuine jiggles.

On my body.

Under my skin.

Affecting my appearance and overall mood.

And then something even stranger happened. Like the time over a year ago when I unconsciously moved the menu a foot further from my face so I could see it.

I considered the merits of a girdle.


Denise K. said...

Ah my friend you are not alone!!! The menu and mail are all held a foot out over here too...and the middle aged skin...hmmm...literally I see sagging and dimples like never before. Then I stop and think what a gift it is to age, and how lucky we are to see another year! Enjoy your Mother's Day!

Tracy P. said...

We are twins separated at birth. Identical. Holy cow! What a wonderful time we could have growing old together! Slowly. ;-) Because I am slower than molasses. And I like to think it helps me frequently to keep from making comments I would live to regret because I don't think of them until later. Thank God for that!

flutter said...

look beautiful to me :)

Woman in a Window said...

HA! You know, I was looking up corsettes for poetry I was writing and they were looking more and more reasonable to me. You guys all look great! It's nice to see your family.

Tori said...

Your family looks beautiful! Sometimes even little 19 year old me ends up in the "old lady section" which makes me wonder if that is what it really is. Glad I found your blog!
♥ Tori

angie said...

I loved this post. And the picture of you and your family is fantastic. :)

Straight to Your Hart said...

Love the family picture...beautimus you are!!

I have a couple of "form" fitting undershirts to "uplift" my day:)