Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We played our game last night at bedtime. We do it every year.

I said, "Good night, fifteen year-old. I love you."

And she woke up sixteen.


Tracy P. said...

That cake is GORGEOUS! But not as gorgeous as that girl!

That's one reason I love your blog, Stefanie. It makes me think I could actually look forward to the teen years! ;-)

Rayne said...

She is beautiful!
I love what you wrote. So poignant.
My 'baby' is turning 16 this year. I am so proud of her, but, I actually feel a bit sad.

Deb said...

she's stunning... her smile is a ray of sunshine.

now i am assuming you don't cheat... she must really age up during the night? must have made for a fun night at the hospital 16 years ago!

Star Forbis said...

I love that Birthday tradition!
Your daughter is Beautiful.

Woman in a Window said...

How is that possible? Doesn't that seem impossible?

Happy 16 beautiful girl.

Straight to Your Hart said...

What a beauty she is...Happy sweet 16!! :0)