Tuesday, May 5, 2009

please don't use that word, mom in the bookstore

El's been looking forward to today's release of the latest Rick Riordan book, The Last Olympian. I took her to our favorite local bookstore a while ago so she could purchase their last copy. She says that she finds the twist on Greek mythology 'entertaining' and she sure knows more about mythology than I do. She's on the phone with a friend talking about it right now. I find her side of the conversation 'entertaining'.

And I'm thinking El has a small crush on Percy Jackson.

We survived Mo's crush on Edward Cullen last year; this too shall pass.

So, we are in the bookstore and this mom comes in and asks for a certain book. They show her where to find it, and as she walks past us on the way to the cash register she says out loud to anyone who cares to hear or maybe (as in my case) doesn't care to hear, "I got it and the one that comes after it because she reads through them so fast, it's retarded."

Huh? I pause for a second to wonder if I'm hearing right.

El whispers in my ear, "That's a bit of an oxymoron."

Ya think?


Tracy P. said...

Thank El for giving me a great chuckle! She's a keeper, that El.

Star Forbis said...

Don't you wish we could play back for people things they say, so they could "Hear" what other's hear.

But, then I wonder, what have I said that would embarrass me? :)

Woman in a Window said...

Lose the oxy.

Sarah Weir said...

LOL... That's funny...
So, you are the ones that bought the last copy! :) We've had a hard time getting it in since then. So many people want it!!
Awesome for Elly!
btw, I started this for all the books I read, mainly. And other stuff. :)

Maybe now that I am finally done with my classes I can work on the W4W blog! :)