Saturday, May 2, 2009

Discerning Gratefuls

153. My Bible study group just finished Priscilla Shirer's Discerning the Voice of God. I want to remember these things (these are my impressions from her teaching, some thoughts new and some reminded - they're probably not her exact words and if they are her exact words I hope she will not mind my using them):
  • If I press into Him, I cannot go the wrong way. If I press into Him, I will learn as I go. I can move forward with Him even when I don't have the answers.
  • When He speaks, it's not enough to listen. I should obey.
  • I can expect to hear Him. Saying you talk to God is widely accepted - but saying you hear from Him? Not so much. So be it. I've heard Him in the past. I will hear Him today. I can expect to hear from Him.
  • I can expect Him to confirm what He says through His word, through wise people's words (that includes R, L, and Cam, I Am who spoke at our retreat last weekend and confirmed many of the things in this list), through prayer, through circumstances, through my Spirit-influenced conscience, through peace.
  • When I hear from Him and obey, I will have to adjust my plans. This was the key for me. I have been holding on to something for ten years. I let go of it this week. It's hard. I will probably try to grab it back. I'm writing this right now to remind myself that it's not mine to have; it's right to let it go. There is peace in this release. I want to move forward, pressed into Him, letting Him lead. For that, I am most grateful.

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