Saturday, April 18, 2009


We've enjoyed the Portuguese Water Dog press over the last few months. Caspian, our PWD, is nearly five years old. He looks a lot like Bobama, and frankly, Caspian still acts like him.

He is a puppy at heart. Still. A 60 pound puppy.

Caspian likes people food. He can open closed doors. He counter surfs if we are not vigilant. Caspian especially loves chocolate.

Let's review the last couple of weeks.

When Mo got home from England, she brought Cadbury eggs, Dairy Milk caramels, and Eclairs. She introduced us to Winegums. That night, Caspian jumped the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and helped himself to a few Cadbury eggs. Wrappers and all. Now, the baby gate has been a satisfactory deterrent for him in the past. He'd been terrified of the gate ever since that time it fell down and scared him. We've left the gate at the bottom of the stairs for years to keep him upstairs while we sleep. Understand he has always been physically able to jump the gate, but kept his distance. The gate has not been so scary lately. The right stimulus will override his fear of the gate. Cadbury eggs are no longer safe at night.

The following night we had friends over to watch Lost, and we were sharing the rest of the candy with them. We went to the basement to watch the show. Partway through, it occurred to me that I hadn't seen the dog in a while. He was in the kitchen, polishing off the candy. Winegums, gone. Eclairs, gone. Wrappers and all. Caramels, well, he hadn't gotten many of them out of the package. Some were saved for the humans.

We told the girls on Easter that they should not keep their candy in their rooms. Monday, I heard Caspian open El's door. Yes, Caspian can open closed doors, given the right incentive. One pound chocolate bunnies are the right incentive. By the time I got upstairs, all that was left was a small chunk of bunny on the carpet. Caspian was doing his best impression of a snake swallowing it's prey whole. I half-heartedly told him to 'drop it', knowing that even if he wanted to obey and 'drop it', there was no physical possibility.

So, in case you haven't been able to keep track, he has consumed massive quantities of chocolate, wrappers, and foil. All of these are potentially lethal for dogs. Not ours, apparently. They have passed through just fine, and we all have seen the evidence to prove it.

I'm happy to report he does not have a taste for couches. Apparently, they do not carry the right stimulus package.

As an aside, I highly recommend a 'gentle leader' so that the Obama girls don't end up doing a face plant on national tv while out walking Bo. Caspian is a completely different dog when we have command of his head.


Tracy P. said...

Oooh, Bad dog! No one messes with my chocolate and lives to tell about it!

Straight to Your Hart said...

What a clever little one you have on your hands..

When my daugher was 2, we went to my mothers home for a small trip. While there we noticed SHE was being quiet. So we find her behind the couch with my moms "secret" drawer chocolate. How did she find it??? A daughter after my own heart.

The chocolate was in a middle desk drawer at the back, underneath papers. I didn't even know it was, smart :)