Sunday, April 26, 2009

Barefoot Gratefuls

149. Dipping my toes in the ocean.

150. Dipping my toes in the ocean with friends.

151. Being still. Reflecting. Listening. Seeing. Responding.

152. Warmth.


Deb said...

sounds heavenly!

although, after two 90 degree days, i am not big on warmth! i'm not sure where spring went!

glad you had fun.

Woman in a Window said...

Nice. Is that your photo? It's gorgeous.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Is that your photo? I really like it! It makes me want to get to the beach.

Great list (again, as usual).

stefanie said...

Thank you.

Yes, that's me on the right. A random guy on the beach took a picture of us for a scavenger hunt of sorts. I cropped it and did some color adjustments.

Straight to Your Hart said...

Ooo, I just want to enjoy the wet sand running through my toes as the water retreats...Glad you had a good time.