Sunday, March 8, 2009

'Life is Messy - Clean it Up' Gratefuls

116. The hawk on the back fence. Getting a good picture of the hawk. Thinking about the big picture when I noticed the bloody talon print on the fence and the feathers left behind by the hawk.

117. Seeing clean carpet and smelling clean carpet.

118. Open windows on warm days.

119. A new furniture arrangement.

120. The unfamiliar yet pleasant arrangement of our bodies that happens when hugging my husband while I'm standing on the stairs.


Woman in a Window said...

Good things.

And someday you're going to have to divulge your secret to your photos. The pumkins, this flower, I'll never forget them. Gorgeous.

Deb said...

maybe it was just red nail (talon) polish.

so the valentine's gift (or was it anniversary?) was a big hit? i don't have much carpet in my house, mainly because i can't stand dirty carpet and i REALLY can't stand cleaning dirty carpet!