Saturday, January 10, 2009

Visional Gratefuls

When I started this list of gratefuls last fall, I didn't want it to be restrictive. I wanted to be free to express whatever I felt grateful for in whatever words came first. It cannot be a running list of every possible grateful I've ever felt. It's just what comes to mind on a weekly basis, usually on Saturdays. Why Saturdays? Because.

I've always started with #1 & #2 and sometimes #5 since they are the consistent things in my life that I am most consistently grateful for. Starting now, I'm not going to repeat them any more. It's not that I'm not grateful for God and my family and for time alone with Steve, I am most grateful for them. I just feel the need to change my format a bit. Bear with me (all three of you who read this) while I gratefully redecorate.

If you want to know what prompted me to start this list, click here. To see the others who are part of this Gratitude Community, click here.

87. Mo's eye injury was not as bad as the school nurse made it sound.

88. Sunshine reflected on the creek.

89. My new favorite sweatpants and sweatshirt shrunk just the right amount in the first washing.

90. I'm old enough t0 know something about some things, and some people want to listen sometimes.

91. Food that I did not prepare. Steve made nachos and El made (funfetti!) cake. I ate.

Yes, that is my shadow at the bottom of the picture!

Not only does she decorate awesome cakes, she makes them magically reappear when I accidentally delete them. Yay, El! Yay, ctrl z.


Deb said...

i promise to remember that you are grateful for #'s 1,2 and sometimes 5.

i'm glad mo is going to live!

that cake is so hilarious. you cook it, you get to decorate it how you want, correct?

Woman in a Window said...

ha, the simplicity of elle made this is heart warming. And that shadow, yer creeping up to eat that food, aren't you? I would too.

Straight to Your Hart said...

I love reading your gratefuls no matter how you do them!! That cake looks awesome...makes me want to take a nibble...:)

Tracy P. said...

Those nachos are making me drool!

I share #90.

imbeingheldhostage said...

That's hilarious. could help you make it disappear :-)