Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Yearsy Gratefuls

This week I'm grateful for:

#1 & 2.

82. A break in routine.

83. A fuller appreciation of routine.

84. The lady in the grocery store who smiled a real smile when we kept directing our carts toward each other when we were actually trying to avoid running them into each other.

85. An early morning sky that made the trees look like they were on fire.

86. The smell of fresh, new things. Each unique. Books. Clothes. Coffee beans. Puppies. Well, I didn't smell any puppies this week but I remember what my puppy smelled like. Oh, and babies too. Mine were the best. They still are. Smelling that is. Though they are also pretty good at fresh.


flutter said...

absolutely lovely

crazymumma said...

I will smell my puppy on your behalf.

Woman in a Window said...

Those genuine smiles. I love to get 'em almost as much as I love to give them.

angie said...

Happy New Year. Isn't amazing how a genuine smile from a stranger with real eye contact can make such a difference in one's day?

Rebekkah said...

Happy New Year!

It's so rare to find people that stop to appreciate the simple things...such as the smell of books(which I also love)

WheresMyAngels said...

puppies smell awful. I just can't do that one. I cannot stand that puppy breath! lol

Happy New Years!