Saturday, January 31, 2009

How do you spell....







If your preferred spelling is 'blogoversary', you can go to this site and register your blog. They will generate the code for you to put a button on your sidebar for quick blogoversary reference. It appears to be free. They will also feature your blog on your blogoversary. I didn't sign up.

'Bloggoversary'? Google asks if you meant 'blogoversary'. See above.

If you Google 'bloggiversary', Google thinks you meant one less 'g'. See below.

'Blogiversary' will lead you to the Urban Dictionary definition. It was added in 2005. Strong provenance.

'Blogaversary' and 'bloggaversary' do not yield anything of interest to me.

I'm going with 'blogiversary'. Happy Blogiversary to me.

My first post was completely uninspiring. A year hasn't changed much.


Star Forbis said...

Happy Anniversary to you and to your Blog!

Woman in a Window said...

Happy Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog-iversary, baby.... got you on my MI-IND... surely you are humming now.

(yikes, I almost commented using my real identity - what a mess that would be. I mean - what if people really knew who I was. The onslaught of calls, emails, visits, the press, paparazzi....whew - that was close)

angie said...

Happy Blogaversary! I need to go to my archives to figure out when mine is!

Straight to Your Hart said...

Happy blogiversary....BTW...all of your posts, leave me very happy and calm, from the very beginning!!

Deb said...

okay, with this post, i believe i am caught up (i remember the enchilada post below).

don't be silly, a year has changed a LOT. you are my inspiration through little ways and big.

you are wonderful.