Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yay! I won!

I'm trying to remember everything I have ever won. It doesn't take too long to write my list. I add details so my list doesn't look so, well, short.

Here's my list:
1. I won movie tickets at a work Christmas party when we lived in Nebraska. I cannot recall at this time which movie we saw.
2. I won $25 in an art contest in 4th grade. I believe that was the Farm Bureau Art Contest. My theme was 'Take the Road to a Healthy Life' (not my original idea, it was suggested) and it was a picture of a road that split and on one side there was a lot of junk food, and on the other, there were things like milk and bananas. My big sister taught me how to draw a banana. Good Times.
3. I won a $50 gift certificate to the mall for being 'Detasseler of the Year'. If you don't know what detasseling is, or what honor that distinction bestows, I just feel sad for you. I believe that I blew the whole wad on Elizabeth Arden makeup. I needed some robin's egg blue to match my eyes. Funny, but I can't say that I have spent much more than $50 total on makeup since then.

One thing I can tell you is that each of my trifecta of lifetime wins left me speechless and embarrassed. You see, I am a back row kind of girl who prefers that other people get the attention.

So. This morning I woke up, made some coffee, checked my e-mail, and (SHOCK) learned that I now have a number 4! I won the SITS comment of the week for my comment at Suzanne's Picnic Post. I won a t-shirt. I will wear it with pride because I am a COMMENT JUNKIE!

Thanks to the SITSTAS for creating a community where lurkers can sit in the back row and throw out a comment now and then... and thanks, Tracy P. for the nomination.

I'm outta here lest I start waxing Oscar Acceptance Speech.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The fantastic f

This a train of thought, so, “All Aboard!”

A whole lot of things I have been planning to blog about are all getting done here at once. I have a degree in Economics, and I ain’t afraid to use what little I still have of it.

Before I blogged, I wondered how bloggers came up with so much to write about. Then Steve introduced me to Google Reader. Now I have too much to read, and I have too many ideas.

Google Reader is where I found The Secret is in the Sauce. I think it is a creative way to get a blog out there for others to see. I am a devoted lurker. I cannot bring myself to ‘Roll Call’ anymore. I can’t. I did it once, and it just wasn’t me. So I guess they will have to kick me out of the club or something for not making the daily ‘I was here’ comment on the blog. I can’t qualify as a SITSTA, but maybe I can be a LITSTA, a Lurker in the Sauce. That said, I do go check out most of their featured bloggers.

Yesterday’s featured blogger was This is the Life, and I especially liked The Name Cemetery. Why? Well, I liked her creative use of font sizes. Mostly though, it was because that particular one was about something that I have wanted to blog about. Me. Or my name anyway.

My mom did me the HUGE favor of naming me Stefanie instead of Stephanie. She said it was to shorten my name. My last name was 10 letters long, so let me count the ways that I benefited from being

Stefanie TenLetters

instead of

Stephanie TenLetters.

How about having to spell it several times for someone who is not really listening? No.

How about when I was in third grade and the teacher got mad so we had to write our names 50 or 100 times? No. That one letter did not ease my pain. I did not even once thank my mom for that one letter that was the make or break on my writer's cramp.

Filling in 18 instead of 19 horrible bubbles on standardized tests? Nope. Zero benefit.

ummm....there is one! I think my f looks fantastic. Especially in the font where the f swoops down below and to the left. That is one awesome f. Now I gotta go see if I can find that font.

Be right back...

I liked dearJoe5 at The Font Pool, but it was $39 to buy the font that looks a lot like how I write. It has a fantastic f. Seriously, type Stefanie in there at dearJoe5 and then just admire for a while.

I digress. The train seems to have stopped at a station called Hubris.

Since I am now back on track, I can say that I learned out how to edit the Html here on my little blog, and settled for:


f is free in Monotype Corsiva, so that will have to do for now. That’s a fantastic f.

At The Name Cemetery, there is a link Social Security’s popular Popular Baby Names site. Oh what fun!

Stefanie was ranked 525 the year I was born, fell slowly into oblivion and entered The Name Cemetery in 2002.

Stephanie (the selfish letter collector) has been in the top 100 since the 1960's. She may have better stats, but I have the

fantastic f.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Friday, June 20, 2008

So many blogs, so little time coming later if I get permission.

...I have permission, so here it is.

Sometime in the last week, I finished reading a book called So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson. She decided to read a book a week for a year and to write about her life, her thoughts about readers and reading and what books she read. I enjoyed the window into her life and her thoughts. It doesn’t matter that I’ve only read one book from her list. We’re connected by our love of reading.

I have been thinking about her theory of what makes us pick and enjoy the books we read. I already returned the book to the library, so I might not have her theory right. Maybe I already knew this and hadn’t formed any thoughts about it. Maybe this is now just my spin on her theory, but here goes. We choose books based on our experiences, interests, place in life, reviews, recommendations from friends or family, coercion from authority, the cover art, and just plain coincidence. We enjoy or do not enjoy books for those same reasons. The beauty of that is we can get to know a person simply by knowing their reading list.

My friend, Cam I Am, and I went to get a LIBERRY card for her a couple of weeks ago. Actually, it was 3 weeks ago today. I know that because it was my first Friday off work since October, and because it was fun to spend the morning with my transplanted Southern friend. I think getting the LIBERRY card was part of her rooting process. I think she is more firmly planted in her newish Yankee garden now.

Getting the card didn’t take all morning. We walked around the LIBERRY and I showed her my favorite places. I love the new books section by the front door, the cheap books for sale, the online catalog. Then we walked up and down the aisles and told each other which books and authors we like and dislike. We learned a lot about each other and grew some more roots in our friendship. She has read Sara’s book, and thought I might like it. She was right.

That said, I think that theory applies to reading blogs as well. Here are some things I looked at this week, and the reasons that I read them. If you want to know me better, you can see the blogs I read sometime in the last week or so.

Picture number two is my home town. I walked over this bridge many times. I used to have recurring nightmares about suddenly falling off this bridge into the water that was very far below. I had the nightmares until I learned to swim in 7th grade. I’m sure glad that I don’t have those nightmares any more, because this flood would just add a whole other frightening dimension to them. I took gymnastics at the YMCA in the background. There were urinals in the big gym there when I was a little girl, and I thought that was really weird. I still do. We ran a mile on the track above the urinals before every practice. I was in good shape then.

This is actually an older post from this blog, but I have teenagers and I know this look. I do not like receiving this look. I gave this look many times a hundred years ago. My mother did not like receiving this look either. I have been haunted by this picture since I first saw it. I was telling Cam I Am that last week, while I was texting and emailing her at the same time. I was feeling like a teenager technologically, and I was reminded of this picture. But I wasn’t giving THE LOOK. Maybe it’s because I don’t have an iPod.

‘nuff said.

I look at this blog because it’s unpredictable, simple, beautiful, creative, inspiring, and just plain sweet.

Like me. Ha!

This is good for laughs.

This is a good mixture of things I relate with. My husband is a pastor. I want to grow spiritually. I’m a mom. Life happens. There are links to other blogs I haven’t explored yet. Plus I made a comment there today about saving money. If you read it, you will know me even better.

That’s all for now… happy reading!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

21 bottles of product in the stall, 21 bottles of product....

There are 21 bottles of product in our shower area.

I just counted.



We have 1 shower.

We are 4 people.

And 1 dog.

The dog does not currently have any products in the stall.

1 of the 5 pink bottles is not technically a bottle.

It's a squeeze tube of hair remover.

It has a matching thing that is not technically a razor.

It's a scraper.

1 bottle is shower cleaner that you are supposed to use after every shower.

It's been there for over 1 year and it is 1/2 full.

I keep forgetting to spray after each shower.

Steve has 1 bottle of $.99 shampoo.

His hair is about 1/4 inch long.

His shampoo lasts for a long time.

I have 1 bottle of shampoo.

It's for color treated hair.

My hair would be an odd combination of gray and brown if I didn't go see Sandy every 5 weeks.

That leaves 17.

For 2 people.

For 2 teenager people.

I laugh.

It's more of a snort.

"What's so funny?"

"We have 21 bottles of product in the shower."

My question was answered before I asked it.

"11 of them are mine."

Mo is my daughter.

Sometimes we think alike.

"I counted the bottles this morning.

4 are shampoos.

For curly hair.

For different purposes for curly hair.

Used at different times.

For different purposes for curly hair.

1 of them is conditioner.

For curly hair.

2 are for shaving.

2 are body wash.

2 are for the face.

I'm going to bed now.

Good night!"

I snort again.

That leaves 6 for El.

She's younger.

She just read this.

She laughs.

I smile.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Secret is in the Sauce

Just found this fun site The Secret is in the Sauce!

Love the Featured Bloggers. Sure glad they just started, so I didn't have too much catching up to do...

And there is a contest to win stuff. I'm not sure if I'm posting too late to win the contest, but just thought I'd mention it...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Box Formerly Known as My Computer

I got the Box Formerly Known as My Computer back a while ago. It's a stranger to me.

Sample pictures flash by on the little tiny slide show instead of our awesome dude ranch photos. All my shortcuts and bookmarks and gadgets are gone. Not to mention all our financial data. Maybe that part isn't so bad. If I can't see Microsoft Money, do I have to balance the checkbook?

So many decisions to be made. Should I replace the Australian flag clock that I downloaded for Mo thinking it was the Union Jack? I could just get the flag that matches London time. Or do I celebrate my former ignorance?

It's kind of like MASH when they replaced Henry Blake with Colonel Potter. I know he will do a great job, but I sure do miss all that quirky familiarity. We were on a first name basis. It's going to take some time to break in the new guy. To figure him out. Then I'll love him, too. Sure hope Sherman has a lot of good years left in him.

Sure hope I do backups this time.