Sunday, February 24, 2008

Whose CD Player Is It, Anyway?

I realized this recently.

The driver of the vehicle which will deliver the teenager to the previously agreed upon (or sometimes involuntary) destination may not
choose, criticize or adjust the volume of the music that will be blared in aforesaid vehicle.

To Do List - Zorb

I really want to Zorb.

I first saw the Zorb watching Peter Gabriel's Growing Up Tour a couple of years ago.

It was weird, it was amazing and I needed to know what that thing was. I watched the credits and found out it was a Zorb. Guess what I did...I Googled it! I found out that you could get in one and go for a ride! In New Zealand. Sigh.

My Zorbing obsession has grown over time. I saw in my initial Zorb recon that there was going to be a site in the Smoky Mountains where an idiot like me would be able roll down a hill in a plastic hamster ball. Occasionally, I check back at the website, and I now see that they are open!

Spring Break is coming...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

a touch of summer

Even though this winter will be incomplete until we get some measurable snow, I am tired of the cold and I need to see some summer.

I took this pic last June at Latigo Ranch near Kremmling, CO.

A whisper of heaven.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"My throat hurts from not talking!"

El has been home from school all week. She has had a fever, sore throat and just about every other symptom that comes with a virus. Except nausea, thankfully. She has also lost her voice, and her official diagnosis from the physician's assistant today was pharyngitis.

El has had to write her 'sclamations this week, because she can't 'sclaim them in the usual fashion.

Her temporary inability to speak aloud reminded me of a story.

I have had the honor of having several elderly ladies who are not my relatives 'adopt' me as their own for a season. One of those ladies was Helen Landerdahl. There are many wonderful things I could say about Helen, but here are just a few. I knew her in the later years of her life, and she supported a small church plant. She could have found a more comfortable place (physically and preferentially) but she was one of the stable, faithful and supportive older persons there. I never heard her complain. Ever. She was a godly woman. She lived generously and humbly.

Helen asked me if I would come on Saturdays to help her with some housework. That was a no brainer. Somehow during the two or three hours that I was there to clean the bathroom, run back and forth to the laundry and vacuum, she and I talked. Helen looooved to talk. I learned a lot from her about being a wife and living in faith. I was young enough at the time to think that I was giving her something, but have come to realize that she gave me much more. She was my mentor before I had ever heard the word.

She told me that at one time she and her husband Elmer lived in Canada. He was a pastor, they lived in a sort of studio apartment, and he used to study and prepare his sermons at home. Apparently, Elmer also noticed that Helen liked to talk, because one day he told her that he needed her to be quiet so he could study. According to Helen, she went ALL DAY without talking. Until late in the afternoon when she said, "Elmer, I can't be quiet any more. My throat hurts from not talking!"

Not talking is driving El nuts. Truthfully, I'm so used to El talking, that it's starting to bother me too. So I'm wondering...does her throat hurt because she is sick, or because she is not talking?

Saturday, February 9, 2008


El,Mo love it when we remember how they used to say things when they were little. We have many memory wrapped words that we still use regularly in our family instead of boring English.

When El was about two and really making advances in verbal self-expression, we called her more inventive phrases 'Elie-sclamations'. Mo never got a name for hers for some unknown reason, but that doesn't mean that she didn't have any. Or that they are any less abundant or treasured. I think it has to do with personality. El kind of goes through life 'sclaiming for all to hear and enjoy, while Mo has just as much to say but doesn't feel the need to attract an audience.

That said, I need a tag for these particular types of blog entries. I know there will be more. So, I have invented the word 'sclamation. Then it can apply to both El,Mo. The problem with inventing a word is that someone(s) else has already thought of my new word. I just got 121 Google hits for 'sclamation.

A while ago, I looked outside and to my snow-deprived joy, it was SNOWFLAKING!

Snowflaking is one of our 'sclamations for those who haven't been following my train of thought.

Mo just peeked over my shoulder at the title of this entry and then looked out the window and said, "It's RAINDROPPING!"

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Googling is why it's Because I Pause

I've wanted to blog for quite a while, but I couldn't settle on a clever name for my blog. Seriously.

I wasn't going to let the lack of a name stop me. Most books are named after they are written, I've heard. But there was pressure to have a name first...

I had several ideas. I Googled for help.

More than Fine is a Switchfoot song I like. Pretty self explanatory when you know the song. 17.8 million hits on Google. Maybe another line from the song would work.
How about More than just ok? Googling gets you 38 million hits. Obviously not clever enough.

What about something from the Bible? I've seen lots of blogs that have used/misused phrases or acronyms or verses from the Bible. I've been thinking for months about Job 26:14.

And these are but the outer fringe of his works;
how faint the whisper we hear of him!
Who then can understand the thunder of his power?

Something From the Fringe, perhaps? 575,000 hits. The problem is, my life is not exactly fringy. This suburban pastor's wife is definitely not edgy. Unless you're talking about too much coffee on a certain day of the month.

Then I got mad. Blog Humbug, I thought. But not in quotes.

1.1 million hits. Humbug, I say.

When I was in high school, I memorized a poem by John Ciardi. Who knows where I found it or why I memorized it. It struck my imagination. It still does. Lines have popped into my head from time to time over the many years since then. The problem is, I had the first line wrong.

(I remembered it as Always, not Sometimes and maybe that is a commentary on my life for another day)

I Googled poems by John Ciardi, and didn't find it. I Googled the first line, and no luck. I finally found it by using the last line...

Sometimes Running

Sometimes running
to yes nothing and
too fast to look
where and at what
I stand and there
are trees sunning
themselves long a
brook going and
jays and jewelry
in all leafages
because I pause.
-John Ciardi

Because I Pause, when Googled in quotes, gives 87,200 hits.

I'm #2.

For now.


We are going to update the basement. The idea is to make it a more inviting place for El,Mo and their friends. We got a big tv last summer. Steve got surround sound for Christmas. Now we need to get rid of stuff.

The problem is
I have a hard time getting rid of stuff.

I like to keep stuff. Not like people you hear about on the news, with their newspapers stacked to the ceiling in the living room, or trash stacked up on the kitchen counters. BUT there is a lot of stuff stacked nearly to the ceiling in the back room of the basement. In my defense, we don't have a garage. If we did, I would stack my stuff in the rafters, and maybe it wouldn't bother Steve so much. Since that is not an option, it's past time to get rid of stuff.

My Bible Study group is working through Jennifer Rothschild's Walking by Faith: Lessons Learned in the Dark. In last week's lesson, she mentioned that the need to 'control' is a form of greed.

Greed is tied to my need to keep (control) my stuff.

It's time to let go.