Wednesday, November 19, 2008


You amaze me, you two.
You didn't make call backs and it's ok.
You didn't do well on a test but you stayed for help.
You tell us of your day over applesauce and noodles and spanish rice as requested.
You forgive enjoy that dinner is reduced to sugar and starch in this busy week.

You talk of a friend with OCD.
You wait while she touches corners and
You are safe enough to touch and
You allow her to brush germs off herself onto your sleeves.
I burst with admiration and a beautiful something with wings.

I say tomorrow is report card day.
You say you're a B student.
I say B's are good.
I, by some miracle, don't say I know you could both get all A's. If.
You would hear disrespect or condemnation in encouragement intended, when really, B's are good. Like I said.
You can go wherever you want on B's. Maybe even C's.
You can go wherever you want, because we believe you can.
You ask us what kind of students we were.
You ask if we felt pressure to get A's.
We didn't. We hope you don't.

You each read a whole book in the last 24 hours.
I think you might learn more of value in books than you learn in hallways packed with Hardtails and Uggs.
You have teachers with SMARTBoards but they still get disrespect.
You hate the facebook groups that abuse the socially awkward.
You're comfortable in your jeans and your cheap knock off fuggs from Target and
You seem to be more comfortable in your own skin every day.

We have our heads in books and computers.
You say you need to cuddle.
I push the keyboard away and turn to have you melt in my lap.
Your feet reach mine and they cover and they warm.
I wrap my arms around your waist while you rest your arms on mine.
We lean back in a shared sigh and I bury my face in your hair and nuzzle your neck.
I breathe deep, and memorize this current You.

You head off for a shower, semi-grumbling about who took too long this morning.
You say goodnight with a kiss, a back scratch, two pats.


Tracy P. said...

That's too beautiful for words. I'm trying to memorize too. Will it work?

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh wow. That was beautiful. Memorising is hard for a Mummy with precious little brain space as it is. How will I do it?

Joyce said...

Wow! I really enjoyed this. I'm trying to pay more purposeful attention to my dear ones, too.

(I'm here visiting from Wordful Wednesday.)

Deb said...

YOU amaze me... those girls are your mirror, you know. you can pat yourself on the back because, lord have mercy, you are doing something right.

and yes, B's are just great (or they better be!), even if they could do "better". but the laughter might not be as abundant, the rested bodies might start to slump and time with family and friends might have to shorten, and i don't want that for my boys. and i have a really hard time telling my little one to put his book down so he can go memorize a list of words.

and ps: thanks for being here for me from far away. you have brought me comfort in your caring!

angie said...

I loved this glimpse into how you view life with your girls. I hope my girls grow up to be "good" too! :)

womaninawindow said...

Beautiful. I'm so glad you have this. I'm so grateful that I might.

CC said...

Wow. I hope and pray that I can write a tribute like this to my kids one day.

Straight to Your Hart said...

Your tender words have such a sweet way of ending quite an emotional day...Thank you!!

rachel said...

Wow, Stefanie. That was amazing.

Deets said...

This post makes me more thankful than ever for my wife and daughters.