Friday, November 21, 2008

nose to the bowl

Right now I thoroughly understand my dog.

Each and every day, round about 4:30, Caspian takes to the kitchen rug. If we're in the living room, he stares at us. If we're in the kitchen, he stares at his bowl. Occasionally, he gets up and sniffs something, then flumps with a 'hmmff' a couple of inches closer to the bowl. On 'Every Sandwich For Himself' days like today when there is no schedule for dinner, this ritual ends with his nose up against the bowl. His 'hmmff' becomes a throaty 'harrrru' and finally one of The People notices that Caspian is hungry.

I've had one of those stare at the bowl kind of days. Weeks. Couple of weeks. I flump and I 'hmmff'. I keep checking the bowl, licking the edges, testing the bottom. Inching ever closer. Looking for a meal, but I'd settle for an apple core. I'd settle for discarded chicken chunks from the soup. I'd settle for anything, just to take the edge off my hunger.

This is me. Nose to the bowl.



WheresMyAngels said...

Apple Core, yum, not!

I think the certificates are for real. You have to spend 35 dollars for a meal (on the ones I bought) and get 25 dollars off. I'll find out next week, maybe tomorrow. Not sure yet.

womaninawindow said...

Literal or Metaphorical?

Deb said...

i agree with womaninawindow!! is this symbolic of your inner struggle or are you on a diet?? you're just so skilled with the metaphor, sometimes i am not sure.

Straight to Your Hart said...

Makes me hungry...guess I should go get some breakfast..Harrru!! Diet??