Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friends and gratefuls

This week I was grateful for:


17. My mom. I've been remembering her a lot lately. Her birthday is tomorrow, but we won't celebrate with her. I won't see her, call her, buy her a present, or send her a card. In January, it will be 10 years since she died.

18. Seasons. Varying definitions.

19. Youth leaders who love and encourage my kids and spend time with them.

20. Women who love me, encourage me, and spend time with me.

21. Steve's Thursday morning men, and some other guys too. Yep, they love him, encourage him, and spend time with him.


WheresMyAngels said...

I don't even want to think about losing my mom. It hurt me horribly to loose my grandmother and I still cry about her. Not as often as I used to. It used to be at least a weekly event. Hugs

Tracy P. said...

I definitely see a pattern here!

I lost my mom a year after you did. I did a post in honor of her birthday this year. It's a picture of a purple iris blooming in my garden, as they always are on her birthday. They were her favorites, and I love it when they bloom.

Straight to Your Hart said...

So sorry about your mother...I hope you have a great day!! Thanks for your post..

Also wanted to let you know you have been tagged on my blog..check out!!

Denise K. said...

#17 hit home to me as mom is still with us, but not for much longer, and my dad passed suddenly a few years ago. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother, and hope you will be able to do something special in memory of her on her birthday. Thinking of you today...

womaninawindow said...

Time to count the good stuff!