Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do something

I saw that this event was coming earlier this week, but I forgot about it until I read this.

I wondered if I have done anything about poverty this year. I almost didn't write, but decided that it was too important to ignore.

I got a Compassion widget for my sidebar and wrote about Albertina and Jithin. What I haven't told you is we got an amazing letter from him a few weeks ago. He wrote it in English. I'm even more excited that we asked for an older child, because it was incredible to read his heart as he wrote it, not as translated. It's not much, but we're fighting poverty by helping Jithin go to school.
Margaret too. She is El's Compassion child in Kenya.

I wrote this. I hope you'll listen to the song I referenced.

I walked for moms and learned that I can help change lives. Michele spoke at our church. I highly recommend her as a speaker and Sisters in Service as an option to help fight poverty.

One more thing. I told a friend of mine I would help her to find blankets to give to the homeless. She goes with her family into Philadelphia once a month to give food, socks and blankets to people. They have built relationships over time, and they are trusted. If you are one of my local lurkers (I know you're here, I just don't know who you are!), see if you have any blankets that you can part with. You can put them in the grocery cart by the church kitchen. Or you can hand them to me and I'll know that you read this.

Have I done anything about poverty this year? Not much. But if a few do a little, a lot will get done.

Do something.


Denise K. said...

Thanks for writing such a meaningful post! It is so important that during this economic crisis we continue our giving, and find ways to reach out. Thanks for giving us all a call to action!

Liz said...

Thanks for popping by my blog.

I have been getting a lot of wake up calls lately - thank you for taking action and reminding us all that there is so much we can do to give back - even if it is something "small".

Tracy P. said...

Wow, that is a great post! Just something...I couldn't agree more. It is easy to be paralyzed with the overwhelming thought of trying to save the world.

Deb said...

there are those that talk about it, those that do something about it, and a very few special people that do both. thanks for all you DO and SAY and keep up the good work. inspiration for us all.

Stefanie said...

It seems you have a wonderful heart! It's nice to know that there are others in this crazy world of ours that give to those in need, even when it's not easy. I, myself, volunteer at the Daily Bread, which is a provider of food for the homeless and needy. I love being there and helping people.

Oh, and yes, my name is SteFanie! My mother thought it would be easier for me if she spelled it phonetically correct. :) So nice to finally know of someone that shares my exact are the first.

womaninawindow said...

Inspiring. And yet I'm stuck in a small town somewhere and there is nothing to organize against. There is poverty, to be sure, but elusive and undefined. Not people in need of blankets per se. Harder to target.

Timely, this is. Just thinking on action today. Action of any kind is better than none. I should get off my rear. Strike that. I will get off my rear.

Catherine said...

Being involved in various fund raisers through the years has let me know and appreciate that the greater majority of Americans have such wonderfully good hearts.

angie said...

What a simple but challenging, request. I'm up for the challenge. Will let you know what I DO! :)

ConverseMomma said...

I live on Long Island, where poverty is a dirty secret people try and sweep under the rug. I grew up with a father whose hands were never clean, and whose paycheck was always stretched. For so long I was afraid of this.

Thank you for writing, and doing,and being. The world needs more.