Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm trying to write something but it's going to take a while because it's one of those tin cans that shoots pressurized confetti everywhere when the birthday kid opens it. It's making a big mess and it's not done exploding.

Is this a gift or a gag?

I'm avoiding the the mess.

Here are some pictures from my cell phone.

It's unreadable, I know, but here's the story. El and I were leaving the grocery store this afternoon. She laughed because the pumpkins had stickers labeling them as, well, pumpkins. I was glad to solve that mystery. I sent her back with my phone to take a picture while I drove up to fetch her in the getaway car.

El left me a note on the car this morning. She likes creative writing.

Steve was going to wear these shoes couple of weeks ago. Good thing he noticed them before he left.


womaninawindow said...

Confetti, fun and messy.

Wat'er you writing?

ConverseMomma said...

I believe in letting yourself get dirty in our words, hope you share what you end up writing.

Denise K. said...

Oh that is too funny about your husband's mismatched shoes...this really becomes a problem in the middle of winter when it is so dark first thing in the morning and all the socks are hard to keep matched! hee hee

Deb said...

i have a confetti topic floating around in my head, too. every time i try to lasso it, it just gets worse. so, i push it to that very back burner and write something else. i am running out of "elses".

i am jealous of the frost. my 15 year old is on frost alert here. he's hoping for the messiest, snowiest winter. i kind of am, too.

paulv said...

I'm seriously liking your blog. The pictures are great. I guess it is you. Atleast the little i know of you.



Straight to Your Hart said...

Steve and my Sara need to chat about their shoes!! the artwork and pictures.

imbeingheldhostage said...

That's funny! Does he have another similar pair? I've heard lots of stories about women who go to church in different shoes. I stopped laughing when in the car on the way HOME from church I looked down to see my dress was on inside out!

angie said...

Good thing about the shoes.....but, if he had worn them, I'm sure it would have made some days. I LOVE stuff like that! :)