Saturday, September 13, 2008

My List of Gratefuls

I'm making a List of Gratefuls.

1. Every list starts with the obvious. Like The Typical Sunday School Answer: God, Jesus, love, the Bible. No disrespect or cliche is intended; every cliche was once an exciting revelation. I'm grateful for my continuing discovery of God, Jesus, Love and The Bible.

2. More of the obvious: my family. Steve, El, Mo.

3. The smell of homemade pizza, a hugging daughter, and rain. One smell, three parts.

4. A surprise exchange - she had the deodorant I wanted and I had the one she wanted.

5. Fridays off with Steve.

More Gratefuls to come...


WheresMyAngels said...

okay, it was all going good til you got to the deodorant exchange. That is just weird.

Oh speaking of deodorant, remind me sometime to blog about mine, it is really cool and I want to do a product review of it :)

I'm grateful for the fact that I am not at the MU game with one of the individuals I work with. It is pouring down rain, I'm glad I had staff that could take her ;)

I'm also grateful that child husband is away on weekends (he stays where he works from Friday til Sunday night) because he was sick this weekend and I don't have to hear him whine as much.

Now on to a mushy one, I'm grateful we are bloggy friends :)

stefanie said...

Well, I didn't say the deodorant had been used...

but both of them had been used. We didn't care.

I am grateful we are bloggy friends too. The whole bloggy friend thing has been a big surprise to me.

I guess that's #6.

Tracy P. said...

Hi Stefanie! I just read these last two posts. They are SO good! My favorite: "Every cliche was once an exciting revelation."

Thanks for stopping by The Journey for my SITS day!

Kristi Smith said...

LOL at the deodorant. I wouldn't use just anyone's used deodorant but I would exchange with my BF's, maybe my sister too. HA! ;)

Bloggy friends have became some of my fav people, it is a weird and wonderful surprise, I think because you actually get to know some of your bloggy friends better than you do real life friends, you tend to be more willing to talk about things that maybe you wouldn't talk about with other friends. And also you usually find each other through a mutual interest on the net. I am meeting up with 10 bloggy friends in October, 3 coming from out of the country.

I may send you an e-mail soon about "peace".

WheresMyAngels said...

USED!!!! Yeah I'm screaming!

That is really weird! lol and what kind of deoderant was it?

and holy cow Kristi, didn't you learn anything?? Don't use your first and last name! We got to get you fixed up before you get another cyber stalker.

stefanie said...

Well, I was going to write a post called 'A Tale of Two Deodorants' - It was the best of mornings, it was the worst of mornings...

Unfortunately, she thought it stunk that I would even mention deodorant on my blog. The fact that I would confess to exchanging used deodorants was odious, so revealing the brand of deodorant or any other details may stain our future.

I will say that mine is gel and hers is solid, thus revealing just a bit more tantalizing and potentially relationship damaging information. Maybe someday she will be over this shock and give permission to have her identity (and that of her deodorant) revealed.

angie said...

It's always nice to see the "basic" and "foundation" gratefuls, and the the other's that are significant, too! Your daughters are beautiful.