Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What did I do this summer?

As the parent of teenagers, I get to measure what I did this summer by what my kids did.

Mo and a friend started the summer by going to Williamsburg with our friend Grace the Youth Leader and her two little girls. Mo didn't take any pictures of herself, but she did take pictures of things like this.

El helped me make a tutorial on the best way to shuck corn, but I never posted it because I didn't like any of the pictures. Except this one. Maybe next year...

El helped out at soccer camp at church for a week, and then both girls helped at Vacation Bible School. El worked with 2nd grade. Mo helped to lead music, and sang a solo at the closing program.

Then Mo took what she learned at our Vacation Bible School on the Bridesburg Missions Trip. She is the leader on the right with the glowing zombie eyes. Not sure why her eyes came out this way in the picture, but she was as tired as a zombie at the end. Did she rest? No, she went to be a counselor at Tel Hai Camp. I'm not adding any pictures of that since I don't have parental permission of the children.

While Mo was away, we went boating with our friends.

El and I were stopped by the local migratory birds. The more than 50 geese regularly cross the road. I was amazed by how mad people got when they had to wait. El and I just laughed and counted geese.

Once Mo recovered from her busy weeks, she decided she wanted to learn to drive. Steve gave her a lesson in the church parking lot while I sat in the back seat and got the giggles.


El went to MD for ELFS Camp. The ELFS were formed in 4th grade when E, L, F, and S were all in the same class. The next year, L moved to NY, leaving the group to be known as the EFS. L moved to MD last year, and her parents graciously invited the EFS to join them in MD for ELFS Camp. This picture at the National Zoo is actually the NELSF, since they have L's sister N with them, and they are out of order. They had lots of fun. One of the reasons we went to Baltimore last weekend was to bring the EFS home. It was loud in the car. I cannot imagine how loud ELFS Camp was.


Steve and I were in Baltimore seeing the sights, staying in an awesome hotel and playing kissy face in the elevator. That was the best part of my summer.

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angie said...

I think the last part would be my favorite part, too. Your family has been busy! :)