Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sometimes you gotta put away the red pen

I think I learned to put the red pen away pretty quickly. Steve may think otherwise.

Before I met Steve, I had completed two years of college, quit, moved to another state, and worked for about 2 years. About the time I met him, he had just completed his 2nd year of college. He also quit, and he went to work in the Real World too.

We dated and got married and lived happily ever after.

Oops, I skipped something. No one lives happily ever after without a lot of hard work.

About a year after we got married, we both went back to school. We realized the Real World wasn't where we wanted to work. That is, the jewelry store at the mall, and the grocery store/mall electronics store/pizza place were getting a bit old. So, we got some student loans and we moved into married student housing. We sold my car for $40 (1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with a Hurst In-Line shifter, a rusted out trunk and no brakes...apparently we should have held on to it because it was a rare and special thing), and we rode our bikes to school. We drove on Sundays, and we drove to the grocery store. We shared one car for the next 7 years as best as I can recall. The car was red. Like my pen.

I knew a lot more about spelling and grammar then. At least, I thought so.

Steve is dyslexic. He doesn't enjoy reading, and writing back in those dark ages was brutal. You hand wrote your draft, and if you were lucky, you could get a computer in the lab for typing your papers. It had a magical thing called 'Spell Checker.'

Otherwise, you had to use the electric typewriter. Two words. White Out.

Writing was also brutal for Steve for another reason. He gave me his papers to proofread. I was not patient. I was not kind. I did boast...but the amazing thing is that he forgave me, and he persevered.

Let's just say, putting the red pen away probably saved our marriage.


WheresMyAngels said...

lol, I am lucky. As you have probably noticed my spelling and grammar are horrid...BUT my husband also has dyslexia so he doesn't much notice!! And I HATE having to help him out. He once wanted to apply for the same position I have at work which requires a lot of paperwork. I just could not be assisting him and doing my own. It is bad enough that my boss takes the "red pen" to my paperwork.

I never finished college, had a baby in my junior year and just never got that chance to go back because I soon had another. I think about it as I would love to be a nurse. Back then I wanted to be a social worker and I know I would not make anymore with that degree then I do now. but a nurse, oh I wish I was one. My husband tried college right after I gave birth. I told him that wasn't a good time and it didn't work out. He would like to go to a technical college but we don't have one that is close by.

angie said...

Smart woman. :)

Loved this post. Really loved it.