Saturday, August 30, 2008

I did. I'm gonna. I was. I am.

Steve coached Mo's lacrosse team for two years. 7th and 8th grade. He had no experience with lacrosse, no history with lacrosse, and absolutely no desire to coach lacrosse. Somehow, as happens when dads show up at sign ups and are interested in their daughters' lives, he ended up the coach. He deserves an award, but instead he got a valuable skill.

He returned home with our daughter after that first practice of that first long season, and as we sat down to eat dinner he asked,

"Are all middle school girls so rude?"

"Duh." An understatement.

As discouraging as that particular coaching experience was, the language skills he acquired were priceless. He started to learn Teenage Girl that day. It has served us well, since the language of Teenage Girl is a pretty handy language around here. Sometimes we, the adults, even speak it.

Here is how you learn a language best. Immerse yourself. Use it in conversation. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Lacrosse practice.

"Keep your stick high." Spoken as she, any she on the field, is just standing there.
"I did."

"Try going behind the goal."
"I'm gonna."

"Stop talking and listen." At halftime.
"I was."

"Get lower. Bend your knees. You'll..."
"I am."

I did 11 push ups the other day.
I did.

It's time for me to do Week 2, Day 3.
I'm gonna.

I was gonna do them earlier.
I was.

Right after this post.
I am.

Your turn.

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