Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breaking Dawn Break

I'm a reader. I read everything I can get my eyes on. I love books. I love cereal boxes. I love blogs. I have over a hundred blog subscriptions on my Reader. I read some of them once a week. Some I read every day. There are some that I am not reading until I finish Breaking Dawn.

Yes, I admit it. I am reading the book that all the girls were screaming about last weekend. Yes, I even read the three that came before. I actually wrote about Twilight here. The rest of this will probably make more sense if you start there.

In the spirit of that thought provoking facebook Wall-turned-blog rant review, I will bring you up to date on my thoughts about the following two, in chronological order, copied and pasted from Rachel's Wall. Thanks for not deleting your Wall, Rachel!

at 6:28am on May 11th, 2008
Slogged through New Moon. Still annoyed with Bella. I just like her less and less. The last 100 pages is a stupid argument, and a waste of trees. The rest is enjoyable enough. I think I must be the only one who thinks werewolves are much more interesting than vampires.

at 7:20am on June 21st, 2008
reading Eclipse. am about 1/2 way thru. so far it eclipses the others. tee hee. glad it finally went somewhere. bella's only making me kinda mad. only a few stupid conversations, and they're shorter. motorcycles are way better than volvos. werewolves are much more fascinating than vampires.

at 8:30am on June 22nd, 2008
couldn't sleep last night because i took an allegra d at 4:00 and they make me a bit wired. I knew better, but I chose sleep deprivation over the sniffles. so guess what I did? I finished Eclipse. Oh I wish I would have just had some one give me twilight and new moon cliffs notes, so I could have just read this one. so glad I stuck with it. Bella is still annoying, but I guess we just have personality issues and I'm not going to hold it against her. Except that she is exceptionally dense. And werewolves rock, btw. Warm is way better than cold.

now I have to wait to read the next one. better be worth it.

As a bonus, I'm including what I wrote about Eclipse on my facebook Visual Bookshelf, probably the same day as above.

Much better than Twilight, and much much better than the 2nd one (New Moon? I can't remember...)

As a mom, I wish I could tell Bella

Wake up!
Warm is better than cold.
Relationships are real. Obsessions are nightmares.

Since she is a fictional character, I tell my daughter these things instead. Glad we read these books so I could talk about it and you could pretend that you weren't listening!

Mo holed up in her room all weekend and finished the book late Monday night. I started yesterday.

Her facebook status: has finished Breaking Dawn and needs to talk about it!!!

She has promised not to tell me what happens...but I'm avoiding some blogs anyway, just to make sure.

When I started writing this, I thought I was taking a break from writing about 20 Years. I don't think it is a break though. I know that Breaking Dawn is a work of fiction. I suspect that the frighteningly obsessive nature of the relationship in the book will probably not be addressed there. I'm sad that there are many girls reading the book who will never have an opportunity or even a desire to think it through, and will experience it only through their emotions. Yes, it's great that kids are reading, but reading should also promote thinking.

One of the many things we need to teach our kids is that relationships that begin as healthy relationships have a much better chance of thriving. If a work of fiction will help me teach that, read on girls!

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WheresMyAngels said...

Laughing that your thoughts are so much like mine. I just could not figured out what she saw in the vampires, because I liked the werewolf's. I do have to say, that I just NEVER connected with Bella. I read because I wanted to see what happened with Jacob.