Saturday, August 23, 2008


This month I had planned to write 20 posts about being married 20 years. I’ve discovered that I can’t separate living, parenting, and marriage experiences. I didn’t write 20 posts, but here are 20 things that time has revealed.

1. Things gained: 1 lifelong companion, 2 incredible girls, peace with God, experience, perspective, wrinkles, a stamped passport, a new passport that needs to be stamped, 20 pounds, many fish, 1 dog.

2. Things lost: a toolbox left on a moving truck, money in bad investments, all the secret hiding places where I stash candy.

3. Preferences acquired: drinking coffee, getting up early, reading the Bible.

4. Tendencies conquered: *bleeping* in creative combinations and more often than a fisherman (I’m not proud of it-- I’ll tell ya about it someday), the assumption that dog hair in the food indicates I’m a bad housekeeper, mistrust.

5. Hobbies discovered: photography, writing, computer geekdom.

6. Skillz honed: cooking, apologizing, accepting apologies, cleaning, thinking, giving without expecting thanks, sharing, waiting for the bathroom.

7. Nightmares shared: 91 degrees in NE at 2 am in a car with no air conditioner, Black Hills in August in a car with no air conditioner, moving a 3 week old baby from NE to UT in a car with no air conditioner, living in CO, NE, UT, CO, PA with a car with no air conditioner, renting a house with a hole in the roof and a landlord in the basement.

8. People fondly remembered: my mom, grandparents, uncle, cousins, friends.

9. Favorite gifts given: 1st Anniversary cake, surprise dinner for wives made by husbands, under-sink roll-out trash can, manicure/pedicure gift certificate, car detailing.

10. Romantic walks taken: THE aisle, Culver Falls, Red Feather Lakes, our neighborhood.

11. Medical interventions: extraction of corn from nose, large sliver removed from tiny foot, stitches in finger and knee, one head injury, one concussion with bonus matched set of fractured arms, pneumonia, surgeries to remove bone growths, lymph nodes and a random fat globule, adult tonsillectomy with all possible complications, and a few kidney stones to pave the way.

12. Heads of hair brushed, pony tailed or braided: too painful to remember.

13. Children’s concerts endured: 21. Elementary School. Glad we’re done.

14. Children’s concerts enjoyed: 9 so far. Districts, Middle and High School. Worth the wait.

15. Moves made: 8.

16. Homes made: Colorado – 3, Nebraska – 2, Utah – 3, Pennsylvania – 1.

17. Years invested here: 9.

18. Laughs shared: too many to count.

19. Home movies watched: not nearly enough.

20. Regrets: none.


WheresMyAngels said...

Ok, I'm curious about the dog hair in the food and the corn in the nose! lol

angie said...

REALLY enjoyed this!

Anonymous said...

Was the corn in your nose or in Steve's? I am glad you didn't put corn in your nose last night at dinner when I served corn....

stefanie said...

The corn was in Mo's nose. It's a cute story, for later.

My mom instilled a fear of hairs in my food in me. When we got the dog, it used to drive me crazy that I found dog hairs everywhere. Including food. I've been sensitized to dog hairs now, but I still feel totally creepy if I find people hair in food. Fortunately that doesn't happen very often.

Anonymous said...

Don't you wish that anonymous person would show her face? Maybe she needs some help creating a profile... hmmmm...

womaninawindow said...

Good to get to know you! And I am thrilled that you've been lurking at my place from time to time. I've never had a lurker before (that I know of).


WheresMyAngels said...

I don't worry about people hair, maybe since my was always falling in people's food!! lol

Denise K. said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog today, which of course led me to yours! Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary! I LOVED your post on 20 lessons and experiences, etc...I had a huge smile on my face reading them, and found myself nodding in agreement! Loved your children's concerts endured and enjoyed!!! hee hee We are going through that now, and I laughed out loud!