Monday, July 7, 2008

You are most welcome

~I wrote this Friday, but waited til today to share it.~

I cried when I read the letter today. I just read it again. I cried again.

When Steve was a student at Denver Seminary we lived in campus housing. Our apartment was small. We called it ‘The Fishbowl’ because everyone looked into the extra large window and waved as they walked by. I did it too. You couldn’t help it because those windows were huge and fish…umm…people were behind them. Somehow, we made it past the fishbowl and made lifelong friends.

One friend had trouble expressing herself in English. She seemed shy and quiet, but I vividly remember a couple of things she said. In her village, if you wanted to see a friend you just showed up. Any time of day, any day of the week, you might get a visit from a friend. You are always welcome to visit a friend. If you go to visit a friend and she is doing laundry or cooking, you join her. If your friend visits you and you are cleaning, she joins you. You work together and you enjoy each other. Americans don’t do that enough. We often just walk by and wave.

One day I decided to show up at her door. When she answered, I told her that I remembered what she had said. I just came to visit. I was rewarded with her beautiful smile and a great afternoon.

Another thing that I remember is that whenever I said, “Thank you,” she humbly answered,

“You are most welcome.”

It was most powerful.

The letter said that we shouldn’t try to contact my friend and her family. These are dangerous times. The letter asked that we pray for their safety and for provisions.

I am reminded of Psalm 91, so tonight I am using it as a guide to pray for them.

Will you pray for them too? My friend may thank you some day.

You can answer, “You are most welcome.”

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