Thursday, July 24, 2008


Our friends are fine. I got a forwarded e-mail from their missions organization. Keep praying!

We have a new Compassion child. He is named Jithin and he is in India. We didn't receive the packet yet, but we were able to see his picture and information because Compassion has updated their sponsor site. It's awesome. He's awesome.

I still have too much stuff. But at least I don't have a car full of stuff like I did last Friday. Cam, I am and I packed my CRV with $869 worth of food and supplies for the missions trip. According to MOTOR TREND my car can hold 72 cu ft of cargo with the seats down. I think we had more than that.

Let me know if you want me to take out the picture, Cam, I am. You fared better than I did. Maybe it was the jewelry...
This is what two hours of shopping and three Flatbed Shopping Vehicles of Death does to me.

I didn't smell real good either.

I gave my blog a color treatment. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

WoW! Your friend Cam, I am is really HOT! I mean she looks like she's been sweating. Of course a Southern girl always wears jewelry to shop at Sams!

angie said...

I didn't see it before for a comparison. Darn. I'm SO glad you got caught up with SITS so that you visited my blog allowing me to find your blog. I LOVE your "about me" paragraph and have spent some time scrolling down, skimming your posts. I will definitely return as I know I love your prose and viewpoint already.