Saturday, July 26, 2008

RELAX, Relax, relaaaaaaxxzzzzzz

Some friends took us boating yesterday.

It's been so hot around here lately. It was cooler on the river.

The wind in my hair was fabulous.

No responsibilities, no deadlines, no phone calls.

Laughter, food, conversation, speed, splashing, dozing....

loooong exhale.

Our friends use their boat as a ministry. They take friends and missionaries, friends of missionaries, and about once a year they take us.

They also have a friend living with them again this summer Not only is their boat a ministry, their lives are as well. Check out A.B.R.O. to find out if there is a program near you.


PJ said...

I'm ready to take another nap on the boat. Next time, I think I'll leave the kids at home so they don't wake me up splashing.

angie said...

I grew up boating and this makes me want to go out so badly.