Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yay! I won!

I'm trying to remember everything I have ever won. It doesn't take too long to write my list. I add details so my list doesn't look so, well, short.

Here's my list:
1. I won movie tickets at a work Christmas party when we lived in Nebraska. I cannot recall at this time which movie we saw.
2. I won $25 in an art contest in 4th grade. I believe that was the Farm Bureau Art Contest. My theme was 'Take the Road to a Healthy Life' (not my original idea, it was suggested) and it was a picture of a road that split and on one side there was a lot of junk food, and on the other, there were things like milk and bananas. My big sister taught me how to draw a banana. Good Times.
3. I won a $50 gift certificate to the mall for being 'Detasseler of the Year'. If you don't know what detasseling is, or what honor that distinction bestows, I just feel sad for you. I believe that I blew the whole wad on Elizabeth Arden makeup. I needed some robin's egg blue to match my eyes. Funny, but I can't say that I have spent much more than $50 total on makeup since then.

One thing I can tell you is that each of my trifecta of lifetime wins left me speechless and embarrassed. You see, I am a back row kind of girl who prefers that other people get the attention.

So. This morning I woke up, made some coffee, checked my e-mail, and (SHOCK) learned that I now have a number 4! I won the SITS comment of the week for my comment at Suzanne's Picnic Post. I won a t-shirt. I will wear it with pride because I am a COMMENT JUNKIE!

Thanks to the SITSTAS for creating a community where lurkers can sit in the back row and throw out a comment now and then... and thanks, Tracy P. for the nomination.

I'm outta here lest I start waxing Oscar Acceptance Speech.


Cookie said...

Congratulations...doesn't it feel wonderful. Now that you have your speech. What do you plan to wear?


Amy said...

Congrats! I am waiting for my 'big day'!!

Have a great Sunday, you have a cool blog.

stefanie said...

Cookie, yes, this is FUN! I think I'll wear my best bathing cap...

Amy, we'll celebrate your big day with Dr. Pepper and Little Debbies. How about HoHo's!

WheresMyAngels said...

Congrats! I just won a mini scrap book on another SITS sisters blog.

Now I have won alot on the radio, all them 80's pop music questions.