Friday, June 20, 2008

So many blogs, so little time coming later if I get permission.

...I have permission, so here it is.

Sometime in the last week, I finished reading a book called So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson. She decided to read a book a week for a year and to write about her life, her thoughts about readers and reading and what books she read. I enjoyed the window into her life and her thoughts. It doesn’t matter that I’ve only read one book from her list. We’re connected by our love of reading.

I have been thinking about her theory of what makes us pick and enjoy the books we read. I already returned the book to the library, so I might not have her theory right. Maybe I already knew this and hadn’t formed any thoughts about it. Maybe this is now just my spin on her theory, but here goes. We choose books based on our experiences, interests, place in life, reviews, recommendations from friends or family, coercion from authority, the cover art, and just plain coincidence. We enjoy or do not enjoy books for those same reasons. The beauty of that is we can get to know a person simply by knowing their reading list.

My friend, Cam I Am, and I went to get a LIBERRY card for her a couple of weeks ago. Actually, it was 3 weeks ago today. I know that because it was my first Friday off work since October, and because it was fun to spend the morning with my transplanted Southern friend. I think getting the LIBERRY card was part of her rooting process. I think she is more firmly planted in her newish Yankee garden now.

Getting the card didn’t take all morning. We walked around the LIBERRY and I showed her my favorite places. I love the new books section by the front door, the cheap books for sale, the online catalog. Then we walked up and down the aisles and told each other which books and authors we like and dislike. We learned a lot about each other and grew some more roots in our friendship. She has read Sara’s book, and thought I might like it. She was right.

That said, I think that theory applies to reading blogs as well. Here are some things I looked at this week, and the reasons that I read them. If you want to know me better, you can see the blogs I read sometime in the last week or so.

Picture number two is my home town. I walked over this bridge many times. I used to have recurring nightmares about suddenly falling off this bridge into the water that was very far below. I had the nightmares until I learned to swim in 7th grade. I’m sure glad that I don’t have those nightmares any more, because this flood would just add a whole other frightening dimension to them. I took gymnastics at the YMCA in the background. There were urinals in the big gym there when I was a little girl, and I thought that was really weird. I still do. We ran a mile on the track above the urinals before every practice. I was in good shape then.

This is actually an older post from this blog, but I have teenagers and I know this look. I do not like receiving this look. I gave this look many times a hundred years ago. My mother did not like receiving this look either. I have been haunted by this picture since I first saw it. I was telling Cam I Am that last week, while I was texting and emailing her at the same time. I was feeling like a teenager technologically, and I was reminded of this picture. But I wasn’t giving THE LOOK. Maybe it’s because I don’t have an iPod.

‘nuff said.

I look at this blog because it’s unpredictable, simple, beautiful, creative, inspiring, and just plain sweet.

Like me. Ha!

This is good for laughs.

This is a good mixture of things I relate with. My husband is a pastor. I want to grow spiritually. I’m a mom. Life happens. There are links to other blogs I haven’t explored yet. Plus I made a comment there today about saving money. If you read it, you will know me even better.

That’s all for now… happy reading!


ayumills said...

Thanks so much, Stefanie for your kind e-mail and introducing my blog on your nice blog! you made my day!

Anonymous said...

I really like it when you blog about your Southern friend Cam, I am. She sounds great! :)